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Sara P. (Parent) 

The creative curriculum at NLCP has exceeded all of our expectations as a parent. Our oldest son started the program when he was 2 years old and is now in an accelerated first grade program at his current school.

I knew immediately that I was going to like the creative curriculum. I was a teacher at a Montessori school at the time he started and could see that there were a lot of similarities between the two programs so I was very drawn to it. The teachers are so creative in their ways of incorporating play and everyday activities into learning. There was never a day that my son said he didn’t want to go to school. He always loved it! I was amazed at how quickly he was learning his letters, numbers, among other things. By the age of 4 he started to read. When he went into Kindergarten at his current school, he was already reading at a first grade level. Not only academically, but his personal growth was visible. He wasn’t afraid to try new tasks and unconventional approaches to learning. I believe this all stemmed from the creative curriculum he experienced at NLCP.

Our youngest son also started at NLCP last year as a 2 year old. When he began, he wasn’t very talkative, didn’t know numbers, letters, or many colors. NLCP awakened his curious little mind and we are so pleased to hear him have conversations with everyone, proudly say his colors, numbers and letters. He does it with such confidence too!

I wouldn’t pick any other curriculum for my children. They are children after all, and play is so important. Many studies show that children learn by play, and need it in order to thrive and mature. I recommend this curriculum to any and every parent I meet!"


Heather F. (Parent)

"Our son had such a wonderful experience in your Froglets class. He was so excited to share with us what he he learned every day. You not only helped give him knowledge and skills to prepare him for kindergarten, but did it in such a creative and nurturing way. He especially enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a frog and being able to observe tadpoles in your pond. Your program far exceeded our expectations. Thank you for giving him such a great start to his educational journey."

Val B. (Parent) 

We just wanted to say thank you so much. We loved the pictures of the kids learning about the crucifixion and my husband and I were so touched this morning to hear our daughter's narration of the events. She explained how they put a boulder in front of the cave and Jesus heard his mother's voice. She added that they put sticks in his hands and described so many key points that you made understandable for the students. The vocabulary you are teaching them is amazing. Thank you for instilling the Gospel and all of its goodness in the hearts of all your "children."

Moms and Babies
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